Trainer Profile

Anupama_Rajagopal Japanese Language Course in Chennai

  • An experienced Japanese language professional who has lived in Japan for over 8 years.
  • Has a deep appreciation of Japanese culture and tradition.
  • Has completed JLPT “N1”, the highest level of learning.
  • At INaWORD, has worked with learners of Japanese from diverse backgrounds.

“At INaWORD I am provided with constant support and guidance and that makes my job as a teacher truly enjoyable.”

 Japanese Language Course in Chennai

  • Has the JLPT “N2” level of certification in the Japanese language.
  • Has lived in Tokyo for a number of years, and has travelled extensively throughout Japan, with keen insights into Japanese culture and customs.
  • Several years work experience in the office automation and ITES sectors.

“Teaching at INaWORD has been a wonderful experience, with the organization providing the right environment and infrastructure for effective coaching.”

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