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Learning German was quite challenging, but Lakshmi ma'am made the classes interesting and fun with all the quizzes and other activities! Not only did I get to learn the language, but I also learned quite a bit about the country. These interactive sessions gave me a good grasp of the basics of German. Special thanks to both Lakshmi ma'am and INaWORD for being extremely accommodating and understanding of our college schedules. Dankeschön!

Dunya Syed Hassan, German

I am a parent of a 6-year-old kid. I enrolled her in the French kids' summer course at INaWORD Languages Adyar, and my daughter had a fantastic experience learning a new language. I would say she also learned about a different culture simultaneously. The teacher was so patient and helpful in explaining grammar. As the classes were held online, I was able to observe how well the course was structured and presented to these young learners.

The class consisted of only a few students (5-6), which is good for quick learning. The children had fun listening to French songs. Now, the little one is able to introduce herself and have conversations in French using a few verbs. Thanks to INaWORD and Hema Madame. A bientôt!

Sivananth Jayabalan, French

I have been learning Spanish at INaWORD through my college, and now I'm going to complete my 2nd A2 level in Español. In both the levels, we had great enthusiastic teachers who always helped us a lot to improve our language skills ❤. I had a great opportunity to meet all my classmates, teachers, and two great people from INaWORD last time 😍. I still remember how they both encouraged me during my first Spanish presentation.

And this time, we had Profesora Amrita ❤ who treated us all like her friends. We have a nice bond with her ❤. Thank you, INaWORD!

Darsana Unni, Spanish

I got the opportunity to take the French B2 class online at INaWORD. The course was super good. The professor was friendly, and they regularly sought feedback and put in a lot of extra effort. The class was rescheduled if the students were engaged and participating actively. I'm happy that I have improved my French language skills.

Many people say you should learn French with a French professor, but I feel that learning from a teacher who can explain in our mother tongue or English can be just as effective. INaWORD helped me in improving my French, and I'm grateful to the staff and director for providing such a wonderful service. Keep up the good work, and all the very best for the future!

B. Saravanan, French

I'm MouliPirashad R from SSN (batch 2021-2025). We had foreign language classes by INaWORD, and I joined the Spanish language class with Amrita mam as my trainer.

I believe this class was the best way to start our college journey. The activities and games given by our trainer were enthusiastic and made it easier to remember and understand the language. Within a short time, we were able to talk about some basic things in Spanish. I want to express my gratitude to SSN, Amrita mam, and INaWORD for organizing this wonderful program. It was truly a great learning experience!

Mouli Pirashad, Spanish

My Spanish mentor made learning a completely new language much more fruitful and easier than I expected. When I started, I had doubts about whether I could understand and transition well with the new language. However, in no time, my mentor helped me become well-versed in the language. I didn't even realize that months had passed, and by the end of the class examination, I was pleasantly surprised to find myself fluent enough as a beginner.

The mentor is kind and understanding towards students and their situations, creating a healthy learning environment. The learning approach here is more holistic, making it much easier and healthier to grasp the language. We learned the language as a new skill rather than just studying theory, all thanks to our mentor's guidance.

I highly recommend this language class to anyone who wants to learn Spanish in a way that will spark your curiosity and encourage you to learn even more than your initial aim!

Anushree Ka, Spanish

I was very nervous at the beginning of my Spanish class. I had so many questions in my mind - what it would be like, could I cope up with it, and more. But I must say, I was lucky to have a teacher like an angel, Ms. Amrita. She truly understands the problems of her students and makes the language easy to learn and enjoyable. Thanks to her, I can now confidently speak and write in Spanish.

Gracious profesora, thank you for making the Spanish class so interesting and enjoyable. I'm going to miss the Spanish songs you played at the beginning of the classes, the games, and the way you speak, which always gave us the confidence to speak in Spanish.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you, profesora, for teaching me how to speak and write in Spanish in such a fun-loving and enjoyable way. Once again, GRACIOUS PROFESORA!

Tanya Evangeline Dorothy C, Spanish

Laughter and learning filled my journey in a supportive and motivating environment - what more do you need to learn a new language! Thank you, Sensei, for being so patient and encouraging, and thank you INaWORD for running these language courses online so I could do this course all the way from Jaipur and get rid of those lockdown blues! I am looking forward to the next level course with you.

Santana Khurana, Japanese

I joined INaWORD, Adyar, last year to prepare for my Dele A1 exam. The guidance provided by the teacher was excellent, and it helped me score full marks in reading, listening, and speaking in my Dele A1 exam. Now, I have completed A2 and am about to start B1. The class timings are flexible, and the coaching offered is of very high quality. Online classes are also available.

Furthermore, INaWORD is one of the centers for the Dele exam in Chennai. So, if you are planning to take the Dele exams and need some preparation, INaWORD is the place to go.

Divya Vijayan, Spanish

One of our college student learners talks about her INaWORD experience

One of our college student learners talks about her INaWORD experience