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INaWORD Spanish language courses in both the Flair and Affinity programmes are conducted at different levels:

A1 & A2 at the basic level, B1 & B2 at the intermediate level, and C1 & C2 at the advanced level.

These levels are as defined by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), which is a guideline for language proficiency put together by the Council of Europe. The CEFR framework for language proficiency has become the global standard, and is the most widely recognized system in use worldwide.

INaWORD issues our own certificates to learners at each of these levels based on their attendance, participation and performance in assessments.

As a part of the coursework, learners are also prepared for the international Spanish DELE examinations which are aligned to the 6 CEFR levels as described above, and they can acquire international certification by appearing for these examinations in Chennai itself.

In 2011, INaWORD was appointed as the exclusive DELE examination centre for Chennai by Instituto Cervantes, representing the Government of Spain. INaWORD has been successfully conducting the Spanish DELE examinations every year in November ever since, and we are pleased to see increasing interest in DELE certification, as reflected in the continued growth in the number of enrolments.

This makes INaWORD the ideal destination for the serious student of Spanish, providing not just the skills in conversational Spanish, but also the platform for universal recognition of these skills through taking the DELE examinations at our Adyar centre.

Spanish Courses Currently Available at INaWORD

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