Spanish DELE Examinations November 2021 – Information & Guidelines

The DELE (Diplomas de Espanol como Legua Extranjera, or Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language) certification, by which learners can acquire official recognition of their level of fluency in Spanish, is issued by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport of Spain, and recognized worldwide as the premier certification standard.

DELE exams are organized by the Instituto Cervantes, on behalf of the Ministry of Education, and in Chennai, INaWORD is the exclusive DELE Examination Centre.

November 2021 examination dates

In November 2021, the DELE examinations will be held in Chennai between November 12th and 14th, 2021. The written examination will be held on November 13th, while the oral exams will take place on November 13th & 14th. If required, the oral examinations will also be held on November 12th. The final schedule will be drawn up and communicated by INaWORD, after registrations for the examinations have been completed.

Exam Venue:

No. 26, Teachers’ Colony,
Kasturibai Nagar,
Chennai 600 020
Use the map provided for directions :

Registration dates

Registration for the DELE exams needs to be done before October 1st 2021.
Registration needs to be done by email or in person at the INaWORD Adyar Centre, the address of which is:
No. 26, Teachers’ Colony,
Kasturibai Nagar,
Chennai 600 020
Phone: +91 44 2445 5077 Mobile/WhatsApp : +91 99629 35152
Registration forms may be collected from the INaWORD Adyar centre, or downloaded from the Instituto Cervantes website, the link for which is provided below:
Details of supporting documentation that needs to be provided along with a copy of the registration form are provided in Clause 3 of the Terms and Conditions (Page 2 of the Registration form document).
It is necessary to fill the registration form with appropriate personal details, ensuring completeness and accuracy. Please fill the form clearly to avoid any errors in uploading.

Examination fees
The examination fee for each of the DELE levels is as under:
  •  A1: 4400 INR
  •  A2: 5000 INR
  •  B1: 5800 INR
  •  B2: 7000 INR
In November 2021, the C1 & C2 level examinations are not being offered at INaWORD, Chennai.
Registration requirements: Local & Oustation Candidates
Both local and outstation candidates who wish to register need to download and complete the registration form and send in the payment by bank transfer to the INaWORD account, the particulars of which are as under:
Bank Name: Bank of India
Branch: Cathedral Road
City: Chennai
Current A/c No.: 801220110000282
IFSC Code: BKID0008012.
Proof of such transfer by way of email must be sent, a copy of which needs to accompany the completed registration form when received at INaWORD.
A photo-identity proof of the candidate such as valid passport copy, aadhar card or driving licence must also accompany the submitted registration form.
The completed registration form along with proof of remittance and id proof is to be sent by email to:
Proof of remittance may also be sent by SMS/WhatsApp to:+91 99629 35152
DELE Results and diploma certificates
The results of DELE exams are usually announced 3 months after the DELE exam date. Results will be sent to you by Instituto Cervantes by email, so you must ensure that your email id is correctly captured in the registration form.
The DELE certificates for successful candidates, which will subsequently be sent to INaWORD at the Adyar Centre by Instituto Cervantes, need to be collected by candidate in person or through an authorized representative.

COVID 19 precautions and related information
All candidates are required to wear masks at all times at the examination centre.
Candidates must ensure that social distancing norms, as may be required at the time of the exams, are adhered to. Exam seating will also be organized in a manner to ensure this.
Candidates must take care to regularly sanitize their hands, for which adequate provisions will be made at the Centre.
In the event of any candidate testing positive for COVID 19 after registration, he/she may seek and obtain carry forward his/her registration to the next DELE sessions to be held at INaWORD, in all likelihood in November 2022. This application for postponement of registration needs to be accompanied by a bonafide RT/PCR test report confirming that the candidate has tested positive for COVID 19.
In the event of INaWORD having to cancel the November 2021 DELE sessions because of COVID-related lockdown conditions or strictures being imposed to disallow conduct of the exams, or because of COVID-related travel bans, registered candidates may either seek postponement of their registration to the next DELE sessions to be held at INaWORD, or receive a refund of registration fees paid.
In all circumstances as described above in which the registered candidates seek postponement of their DELE registration to the next scheduled DELE exam sessions at INaWORD, they would need to pay the difference, if any, in the exam fees between the November 2021 fees and the fees as applicable for the chosen level in the subsequent DELE exam sessions.
Other guidelines (Important)
Information relating to the registration process and related documentation that needs to accompany the registration form can also be obtained from the following links:-
Those interested in taking the DELE examinations can also enquire with INaWORD at:
Landline: +91 44 2445 5077
Mobile/WhatsApp: +91 99629 35152