INaWORD announces a new Spanish cultural appreciation course, ideal for students, working professionals or tourists who need to interact with people from Spain.

The course, handled by a team of native Spanish trainers, is useful for those who are learning the Spanish language, as it focuses on the cultural aspect, dealing with work, travel and study related situations. It rounds off learning for those who have acquired basic Spanish language skills at the A1 or A2 level, but is also a practical introduction to Spanish culture even for those who have no prior knowledge of Spanish (it includes basic vocabulary required in everyday situations).

The module is structured as a 5-hour course, priced at Rs. 1950/- (including Service tax and material costs). The first such course will be held in the 3rd week of February 2015. Those interested may please contact INaWORD Adyar at 2445 5077 or INaWORD Anna Nagar at 4261 5152.