Opportunities in the rapidly shrinking world

Rapid progress across all fields in the world has implications for all of us, in that the world is becoming a smaller place than ever before. Development has been taking place at a blistering pace especially in the fields of telecommunication, media and information technology, in the last decade and a half.

In this scenario, integrating with the world has become one of the key success factors in determining the rate of development – and what better way to integrate with the rest of the world, than to speak the languages the world speaks?

With globalization becoming part of the Indian reality, people increasingly work in multicultural teams. In this environment, knowledge of foreign languages as well as intercultural skills is crucial to successful teamwork. 

In India, BPOs, call centres, information technology, e-commerce and software companies, translation and interpretation agencies, are all throwing up more and more career opportunities, in which the value of knowledge of a foreign language is increasing dramatically.