January 2015 French DELF certification courses for kids

In January 2015, INaWORD is commencing international certification courses in FRENCH for children in the 10-15 years age group, at both the Adyar & Anna Nagar centres. These courses are aligned to the DELF Junior system of certification, which is the officially accredited standard, instituted by the Ministry of Education in France.

The DELF Junior courses are being offered at 2 levels, the A1 (beginner) and the A2 (elementary) levels, and are meant for those who wish to learn the basics of the French language, or would like to supplement the French they are learning at school with an internationally recognized certification.

In the process of helping the youngsters to get the A1/A2 diplomas, the classes will help the learners to develop all 4 language skills – reading, writing, speaking and listening.

The January A1.1 courses are being scheduled both on weekends, and weekdays (Mondays & Thursdays), while the A2 level course will be held on Sundays. Learners will be ready for the September 2015 DELF Junior examination sessions. The details about the courses, including dates, timings and fees, can be seen on our Course schedule – Adyar and Course Schedule – Anna Nagar pages.