INaWORD for Corporates

INaWORD Corporate Training Programme

The INaWORD Affinity corporate foreign language learning programmes are tailor-made to your organization’s requirements. These courses are available in French, German, Spanish, Japanese and Mandarin Chinese.

Our Affinity foreign language courses range from survival kits for those travelling overseas who need to learn the basics of the language to longer term training with a focus on building greater proficiencies.

Beyond overcoming the language barrier, INaWORD also helps learners to understand the nuances of the cultural realities that exist in the countries in which these languages are spoken. The INaWORD Affinity courses develop an appreciation of how to greet clients, meeting etiquette, dress codes, do’s and dont’s in social and business situations, apart from providing several other useful cultural insights.

Corporate training is on-site and timings are adapted to suit the organization’s needs.

Additional languages, apart from the ones that we have listed, are available to clients on request.