INaWORD at Spanish DELE 2013 – an outstanding performance

In the recently announced Spanish DELE (November 2013) results, INaWORD Adyar students have performed exceptionally well, with 11 out of 13 A1 candidates coming through successfully, and 8 out of 9 A2 candidates clearing the exam. This represents an overall 85+ % pass percentage, a tremendous improvement from previous years, and a performance well above the overall DELE global average.

Two of the exceptional performers – Archana Ravi (A2) and Raj Prabhakaran (A1) speak about their experience of working with INaWORD in preparation for the DELE exams.

INaWORD is committed to maintaining, and even improving, this level of performance in future and towards this end, has developed a tailor-made beginner-level A1 course, the first of which is being rolled out in March 2014, designed to ensure a high level of success in forthcoming DELE exams. This will be followed shortly by specialized courses for A2 and higher levels.