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German Courses Currently Available at INaWORD

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*All prices are inclusive of course materials and GST @18%. For in-person classes, prices includes course materials as well. For online classes, the price of course materials is excluded.


  • All courses are scheduled for commencement on a best effort basis. Course details and schedules are subject to modification.
  • There are a limited number of seats in each batch. It is recommended that registration for a batch should be completed 4 days before scheduled commencement.
  • Once a registration for a course has been done, there is no possibility for a refund or adjustment of fee, irrespective of whether the participant has attended any class or not.
  • Voluntary transfer of participation from one batch to another is not permissible, except at the absolute discretion of the management of INaWORD, and is subject to a “transfer fee” of Rs. 2000 (including GST) being payable.
  • If for some reason, INaWORD is unable to start any proposed batch, within 3 weeks of a scheduled start date, a full refund will be given, or transfer to an alternative batch without payment of the transfer fee will be allowed.
  • INaWORD certificates issued upon course completion are based on attendance, class participation and performance in assessments. Certificates may therefore not be issued to all course participants.
  • Regular attendance of classes is expected. INaWORD is not able to provide free compensatory classes for sessions that any participant might have missed. If any compensatory classes are required by the participant, these may be arranged on a “to pay” basis, at the rate of Rs. 700 per hour of such “make-up’ classes.