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The French Language-

French is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, used as a first language by about 136 million people worldwide.

  • Additionally, almost 400 million people in various parts of the world use French either as a second or a foreign language.
  • French speaking communities are present in 57 countries including France, Belgium, Switzerland and Luxembourg in Europe, as well as parts of Canada and the USA.
  • For those looking to study in Canada, knowledge of French is mandatory in the provinces of Quebec, New Brunswick and parts of Ontario.
  • Large parts of Africa (known as Francophone Africa) use French as a strong second language
  • French is also an official language of all United Nations agencies, and a large number of other international organizations including NATO, WTO and the ICRC.
  • It is popular as a business language too, and the third most spoken second language in the European Union, after English and German.
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