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Established in the year 2000, INaWORD has been providing thousands of students an opportunity to learn a new language in an engaging and enjoyable manner. Whether you prefer in-person instruction or virtual classes, INaWORD has a course tailored to meet your needs and help you reach your language goals. Personalized coaching with small group sizes and development of verbal skills, both speaking and listening, are the cornerstones of our approach to language learning. Every course takes you on a journey of discovering not just a new language but a new culture as well.
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Zenobia Irani

INaWORD was born in the Year 2000 just after my return from France, where I had worked as a simultaneous conference interpreter for 10 years. It was the beginning of the outsourcing boom, and I sensed a need for people proficient in foreign languages among BPOs and IT companies. This led me to set up a first-of-its-kind multilingual language training Institute in Chennai where students could choose to learn one or more languages all under one roof.

I was keen right from the outset to adopt a common approach across all our 5 languages that would make the whole experience a joyful, personalized and an exciting one for our students with a clear emphasis on conversational skills. So, at INaWORD, we deliberately work with small groups where the teacher can give each student the personal attention he/she needs and ensure that each one’s pace and style of learning is respected.

Having spent a long time in France myself, I knew that over and beyond the four skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking, students also needed to be exposed to the culture of the countries where the language is spoken, whether it be the cultural dos and don’ts or the type of food habits or customs of the people. This is what would bring alive a class and make language learning a really interesting journey.

I am really proud of our team of teachers who over the years have stayed true to our approach and have given the many thousands of students we have trained over the past 23 years an unforgettable experience with many coming through with flying colours in the official language certification exams that we prepare them for.

Over the years, I have worn many hats that of entrepreneur, teacher, teacher mentor, student. It’s been an amazing ride and nothing gives me more pleasure than hearing the success stories of our students who have reaped the benefits of learning a foreign language in so many different ways.

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INaWORD was founded in 2000 by Zenobia Irani, a foreign language professional who acutely felt the need for foreign language courses training in Chennai, in which verbal skills, both speaking and listening, are given due emphasis. From a small beginning in rented premises in Besant Nagar, we moved, in 2004, owing to increasing demand for our services, to our current premises (over 3000 sq. ft) at Kasturba Nagar in Adyar, ideally located near the Information Technology Corridor of Chennai.
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