MIND MAPS – innovation in the INaWORD Language Classroom

A 3-hour workshop on using mind maps in the language classroom took place on 9th November 2013 at INaWORD’s Adyar premises. It was led by Ruchi Mohunta, a Think Buzan Licensed Instructor. 16 of INaWORD’s teachers came together to participate in this lively and interactive workshop.

A key feature of INaWORD’s approach to teaching languages is to make classes fun and engaging. Mind maps are an especially useful tool in the language classroom as they help learners to visualize and retain new information in an easy and fun way, using pictures and colourful representations of vocabulary and grammar concepts.

During the workshop, teachers were introduced to the basics principles of mind mapping and were able to apply their learning by creating their own mind maps. Examples of using mind maps to help with vocabulary retention and lesson planning were highlighted in particular. INaWORD teachers will now be passing on the benefit of this training to its learners, teaching them new and exciting ways to improve their skills.

INaWORD invests continuously in teacher development, and has several programmes in the pipeline to further hone training skills.